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Simon Kissel is the founder, majority manager, development manager and managing director of the special internet router and also he is the inventor, computer nerd, executive and the leading figure. He has combined the unique qualities and gifts. He is the well educated person and started his programming in ten years old. Unfortunately he has dropped out the school. But don’t think his career ha spoiled because he opened the computer shop after he has dropped out from this school. He got his publicity easily through the international community and he met the break point for eight years.  Kissel has known as the strong character and he would fight to out the people back up for the reason of critical and analytical reason. Now, kissel is living their life in the Viprinet Europe. If you want to know more about this person, go through the internet to know about the biography of Simon Kissel Viprinet.

Business of Simon Kissel

Simon Kissel is the founder of the Viprinet Europe Gmbh. His business life and the foundation of the Viprinet are listed below. If you want to know about the information about him, go through the below listed points.

  • In the age of 17 he has opened the shop for the computer and IT in Bingen am Rhein and this situation creates the impact of the computer man was born. After one year the company was transferred to the computer man PC service. He is the possible person who was both regional size and computer man’s client.
  • In the starting days of his business, he has involved with the company as the IT service provider. But, already he has designed the software for the computer man Gmbh for the purpose of company’s use and he has directed the development up to the marketable product completion which is known as the “chatjet”.
  • This chat system has been introduced for the web based live support and chat system for the internal communication which is in the corporate sector in the year of the 1999. And it made the break point to the economy.
  • During this time Simon Kissel has gained the valuable experience. Here, the growth and distribution of the “chatjet” to the clients and customers like the bank Sal. The Deutsche Post AG, Oppenheim, or the state of Baden-Württemberg were used of the later activities which is not in the case of getting the experience and also this has been used for the sales and projects.

Corporate facts about the Viprinet

Simon Kissel is the founder of the Viprinet and this has been founded in the year of 2006. This company has located in the Rhine valley near Frankfurt. In the year of 2008, the market entry of this company has made.  There are 30 employees are working in this company. This company is growing with the 250% and the 1000 of routers are deployed in this company. If you want to know more about the Simon KisselViprinet then go through the official website of him.

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