How To Hire Niche Content Writers?

Niche content writers are actually specialists who focus on particular type of writing or exercise their expertise in niches like health & care, business & finance, legal matters or science, to name a few. They work for various content creation platforms and offer their writing skills in specific sectors only. Take Contentmart for example. This site offers writers who are qualified and experienced to tackle anything from science and technology to kids, parenting, jobs and education. The inevitable question that now arises is: How does one hire them?

Identify Sources First

When you are looking out for sites that offer niche content writers, you’ll be surprised at the variety on display. Be it,,,, or, all sites have writers who can cater to almost any specific client need. It, therefore, becomes a somewhat tedious task to select the most appropriate writer from among hundreds who are offering their services.

Post Requirements Clearly

Communicate your requirement very clearly on whichever platform you advertise. A detailed website description of your exact requirement works great guns. Inappropriate or disorganized information simply doesn’t work with quality writers who apply. Find out clear details on experience and qualifications required so that those who don’t qualify don’t apply. Even if your exact requirements are not met, you can always work with the closest match and guide him to do a swell job. The following illustration will help you understand better.

Content Writing

Finding the Best Writer

Experience: Usually the most experienced writers in a particular niche are the best choices. They are knowledgeable, understand client needs clearly and deliver accordingly. In other words, they know their job. Contentmart gives out full details of the writer’s experience and qualifications by way of a detailed resume and any prospective client knows beforehand what the writer’s niches and abilities are even before he makes initial contact.

Check Out Past Samples: Smart authors make it a point to submit portfolios of past work in their niche so that prospective clients understand their abilities. Once you see what they have already done, it becomes easier for you to select the right one matching your requirements and preferred style. Reading the first paragraph of an article written earlier should tell you whether to accept or reject a writer.

Author contact: Once you shortlist your author panel, contact them individually  and ask experience and job-related questions to judge finally whether they actually fit in with your scheme of things. Watch out for slow responding authors as they tend to miss deadlines as are those who fail to understand your exact requirements.

Provide Detailed Information: Once you’ve selected your man, give him absolutely specific and detailed instructions on how to deliver the desired goods for your niche. Whether it’s a product review or a generic article, give clear directions on how he must write it. Make sure that there’s no ambiguity in your communication which results in an undesirable product.

Decide on Payments Beforehand:

Prompt payments to authors on the completion of an assignment is a matter of sheer ethics and you need to decide beforehand what you are going to pay to your niche writer. The ideal way to determine remuneration is on the article’s length and the average going rate is $ 4 to $ 9 dollar for an article of 500 –700 words.

The abovementioned steps will make it easier for you to outsource your niche content-related work. And, more importantly, result in not only getting the right person but also in building up a long term relationship with him.


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