People who are into the field of trading must definitely know about motif investments. Especially, the beginners should be aware of this trading platform. Motif will greatly help the investors to create baskets in order to feature their stocks. But the most important thing is the traders cannot feature more than 30 stocks in a basket. In motif the traders can also feature the stocks which they have already purchased. In this platform, the traders can customize and feature stocks according to their needs.Apart from these factors, motif is very less expensive rather than other brokerage houses in online.

Automatic investment

The motif premium investment is the upgraded version which is specially designed for the active traders in online. This kind of investment will be quite different and effective when compared to other trading platforms. This is a subscription model through which the automatic investments can be done easily. A well- developed motif algorithm will handle the investments and balance automatically. Thus, the traders can greatly remain stress free with this trading house. In most cases, the ultimate aim of motif is to provide the best investing strategies for their clients. This will be very similar to that of the original investing strategies.

Commission free

The traders will always have a great craze towards the platform which is commission fee. When this is the case, the motif premium investing will be the wisest option. In this medium, the traders are not supposed to pay any commission kind of commission. The only thing which the people with motif premium account are supposed to do is they must pay the monthly fees which is also very less. People who have various constraints over their budget can also make use of this platform without any constraint.


Knowing about the features of motif investing is more important in order to understand them in better. The most interesting feature of motif is the investors can change the plan according to their interest. In case, if they are uncomfortable over a plan they can switch over their option to regular plan without any constraint. Thus, motif investing tends to provide greater reliability for all the investors. In case, if the traders tend to choose a premium plus plan, they will be provided with free-commission trader for about one month. In case, if the traders prefer to choose premium unlimited plan, three months of free commission will be provided for them without any constraint.

Motif online reviews

The traders who are in need to understand motif investment in better can make use of the online reviews. The beginning stock trader can read the reviews in online website to utilize them best in trading. They can review all type of plans provided by motif and can feel free to choose best among them according to their needs.Since the motif investing is very simple, even the initial traders can feel the easiness in trading. The only thing is they must understand the simple handling procedures which can take them to heights in trading.

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