If you are looking to purchase a property you will quickly realize that there is not only an abundance of different properties on the market; there is also a massive range of purchasing options.  The standard approach to buying a home is to look on the internet and in local estate agents to identify the right property for your needs.  Of course, you will need to identify your budget before you can look at any property!

There are several ways to find finance for your new home; you can choose between banks, finance houses or even your estate agent.  In fact, it is your realtor that may first bring up the idea of pre construction houses as there are substantial cost savings on buying this type of property.  Should you wish to pursue this option the services of superiorrealtypoint.ca will be of great assistance.

Pre Construction Houses – The Facts

Builders, architects and developers have needed to come up with imaginative solutions to generate the income they need to complete a specific project.  The global economic crisis of 2008 has made it harder to get conventional finance and this remains true today.  The solution has been to sell the house before it has been built.  Pre construction houses have been designed by an expert but not yet built.  The land has already been purchased and planning issues resolved.

Pre Construction Houses

In order to generate sufficient finance to allow the building work to go ahead it is becoming commonplace to sell some or all of the properties on a development before they are built.  You will gain from a reduced price as you are purchasing a property which has not yet been built.  This means the moment you accept the key to your completed home you will have equity in your home.  In addition pre construction houses can be altered within reason.  You will need to adhere to the guidelines arranged by the planning consents but this will leave many options open.  If you choose pre construction homes then you will be able to adjust the layout of your property to ensure it works for you.


It is imperative to get assistance when considering pre construction houses.  This is because although the sales team will be exceptionally friendly and helpful; their interests are aligned with the builder.  They will not be interested in looking after your interests if they need to choose between you and the developer.  The best place to get assistance is through a realtor which understands the pre construction market; such as the aforementioned one.


Pre construction houses come in all shapes and sizes; although you can be looking at the family home on a new estate you could also be looking at a beautiful new condo.  Other alternatives include apartments and even town houses.  It is worth noting that choosing to purchase pre construction houses means be able to pay a small initial deposit; providing you more time to arrange the full deposit and necessary finance.  This can help to make a home affordable and is one of the main reasons pre construction houses are becoming so popular.

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